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Synagel Topical Pain Relief Roll-On Gel 30mL

Synagel Topical Pain Relief Roll-On Gel 30mL

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* FDA NDC Number 82213-002

Experience the soothing embrace of SynaGel, our advanced pain relief solution designed to redefine your experience of discomfort. Crafted with precision and backed by years of research and development, Synagel is your go-to remedy for localized pain. SynaGel provides long-lasting comfort. Dont like it? Get a full refund. 

Key Features

  • Active ingredient: Diclofenac sodium, a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID), a powerful pain reliever and anti-inflammatory agent commonly used to alleviate discomfort associated with muscle and joint conditions.
  • Rapid Relief: Say goodbye to prolonged discomfort. Synagel is formulated for rapid absorption, providing near-instant relief precisely where you need

  • Versatile Application: Whether you're an athlete recovering from an intense workout or an individual seeking relief from everyday aches, Synagel's versatile application makes it suitable for various pain scenarios.
  • Non-Greasy Formula: With its quick absorption within 20 seconds, it leaves no residue behind, allowing you to go about your day without any inconvenience. Say goodbye to greasy residues and hello to uninterrupted comfort with SynaGel.
  • Non-Menthol Formula: Unlike many other pain relief products on the market, SynaGel does not contain menthol, offering a unique alternative for those seeking effective pain relief without the characteristic scent or cooling sensation.


            Active ingredients

            Diclofenac Sodium %1.0

            Inactive ingredients

            Alcohol, chitosan, glycerin, lactic acid, methyl salicylate, water


            Temporary relief from minor aches and pains associated with: Backache, arthritis, strains, bruises and more.

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            No First-Pass Metabolism

            Bypassing the liver's first-pass metabolism can enhance the bioavailability of active ingredients. This can lead to more effective treatments and quicker results.


            Speedy Onset of Action

            In cases where rapid relief is crucial, topicals shine. Unlike oral medications that need to pass through the digestive system before taking effect, topicals work faster, offering much-needed relief within moments.


            Targeted and Precise Application

            Topical applications, whether in the form of creams, gels, or ointments, offer a unique advantage: the ability to precisely target the affected area. Whether it's pain relief or skincare, being able to deliver the treatment directly to the source is a game-changer.

            • The topical route of administration may
              positively contribute to the perceived pain
              reduction in OA. Topical diclofenac relieves osteoarthritis (OA) pain and stiffness and improves physical function, at least to the same degree as some oral NSAIDs, with fewer systemic side effects.

              * Refrence: Rheumatol Ther (2020) 7:217–236 | Fre´de´rique Bariguian Revel . Marina Fayet . Martina Hagen

            • Topical diclofenac may be preferred over
              oral nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
              (NSAIDs), especially for older patients
              with OA. Topical diclofenac penetrates the skin, permeates underlying tissues, and enters the synovium, where it may preferentially accumulate in inflamed jointt issues and reduce prostaglandin E2 (PGE2) and various pro-inflammatory biomarkers.

            • Topical NSAIDs such as diclofenac are an
              effective, guideline-supported treatment
              for knee and hand OA with comparable
              efficacy and fewer systemic side effects
              than some oral NSAIDs

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